Sunday, March 24, 2013

We're so grown up!

Adam and I bought a pool table!  I feel so mature.

We found it used on Craigslist from a guy named David, who was selling his house to move in with his girlfriend. Apparently there was no room for the pool table at Jennifer's house.  (As we pulled away she practically begged me to take the mounted deer head, too - "Quick!  Before David notices it's gone!")

Today was David's official move-out day, so there were a ton of people at his house moving everything out as Adam and I worked on disassembling the pool table.  We spent more than 2 hours with these strangers, and happily, everyone was super nice and helpful.

I have the camera set up on a tri-pod. We've been taking pictures every couple of minutes so we can put together a cool time-lapse video of the setup.  I'll post it once it's finished!

Anyway - we still have a lot of work to do to get this done tonight, so I better get back down there...
Here's a picture of me helping:

Watch out for this future pool shark!

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