Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well well looky here

So here's my blog.  Still sitting here like a loyal pup waiting for me to come back. I'm more of a cat person but can't think of the cat-counterpoint phrase to use with "loyalty". My cats probably wouldn't still be waiting for me 7 months later. But! The dog.  Maybe?  The blog?  Yes.

I left off back in the savory days of late August.  Outfit posts and summer vacations. We were looking to buy a house and starting to pack up the apartment. Orchestra and viola lessons were starting up and life keeps going even without a blog post. Funny that.  

With a new address and the winter blues starting to melt away, it's time to start documenting things in this place again, I think.  Here's my first outfit picture taken at the new house:

I need to start a new relationship with More Charming In Person.  I got too caught up in the outfit posts and the community of Outfit a Day Bloggers.  I'm not here to make money or jump into a popularity game with page views and comments.  I see how a lot of bloggers do such a great job at at gaining readership through networking and supporting each other.  I am impressed and awed by so many of these ladies... but I just can't keep up.  

I don't need a huge following to make this side-project blog valuable to me.  I need to value blogging as a hobby that's a good fit for my spare time.  Sometimes I get really down on my viola skills and think I should be a better and more confident player.  But then I realize that the fact that I play viola most days of the week is a pretty neat hobby.  I'm learning and creating and thinking and practicing.  Practice should be part of any well-balanced day, yes?  Any kind of practice - cooking, meditating, running, praying, cleaning, loving - brings our minds away from the mundane or the boredom, keeping us alive.

Cats help too.

He looks grumpy.  But he's just being helpful.

I'm not sure how More Charming will evolve but I'm excited about the process of leading it down a couple of different roads and finding out a little bit more about myself along the way.


  1. Yay! You're back! Oh how I've missed you!

  2. Great post Molly! Great to see you back!

  3. :) looking forward to more... and congrats on your new house!