Monday, August 13, 2012

Yo Rocky!

This dress was forgotten at the tailor's all summer.  I had the sleeves cut off because my huge biceps were busting through the seams.  The best part was that I paid for it last time I was there, so it was as if it was free!  And now my biceps are free as well.  

Has anyone watched Downton Abbey?  I've blown through the first season on Netflix and am so upset that I have to wait for the DVD to show up in the mail to see the next episode.  I wish I talked like them, but I'm really bad at accents.  I can pull up my Minnesota accent most of the time, although it's much better after I've been home for a few days.  (Oh, did ya know that I grew up in Minnesota?! You betcha! they really say that - it's so cute!)

Adam gets a big kick out of my "German Philosopher" accent, but that usually only shows up when I'm very tired or hungover (punch drunk), never on demand.  Sometimes I think I'm Rocky.  But, I've never seen the Rocky movies and apparently Rocky doesn't say "Yo Rock-EE", instead I'm supposed to say "Yo A-dri-AN!" in that voice.  Who's Adrian?

Accents and regional lexicons totally fascinate me.  I grew up saying "pop" and "tennies" (or tennis shoes for sneakers).  My mom used to call the couch a davenport and apparently some people around here think the work MILK has an "e" in it.  I love this stuff.  Any favorites?!


  1. cute! i adore this and it looks fab on you - great job getting a tailor, i rarely get around to this stuff!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  2. cute, love the stripes