Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trend of the Month - Pattern Mixing

I'm linking up with the Marionberry Style trend of the month - and this time around it's pattern mixing

I wore the tank version below while prepping for last weekend's camping trip.  This outfit started out a little more work friendly with the button up below.  I'm a lucky little office gal in that I work half day Fridays - all - year - long!  That usually means I get to wear 3 outfits on Fridays (work, afternoon and evening)!

This also means that I was able to pattern mix (and snap pictures) for work and for the afternoon sun:

What do you think of the pattern mixing trend?  Head over to Marionberry Style to see how everyone else is mixing their patterns!


  1. um... what?! HOW do you pull these off so well. i always get scared, my boyfriend vetoes, and it's back to print + solid.
    you look fab lady!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

    1. *blushing* You are so sweet! Maybe the b/f should use his veto power more carefully! Just kidding - I think that's really cute!

  2. This skirt is perfect!!


  3. Nice job mixing prints! I'm so jealous that you get half-day-fridays. That would make the week just SO much better...

  4. Love the stars and chevron...such a cute combo!

  5. you look amazing molly! I love pattern mixing. You rocked it in both of these looks!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  6. I love the first look with stripes and chevron! I love how you brought the patterns together with the belt. So cute! :)

    -Mary @