Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too fancy for errands?

This is just a weekend outfit and I admit that I put a little bit more time into this one than a Sunday outfit usually gets!

I went to work for a couple of hours (boo!), stopped in for a beer at my friend's new bar and ran to the grocery store. Nothing special... but I was super stressed that morning and I've found that taking outfit pictures in the back of the house with just me, the tripod and the sunshine relaxes me.  I also think that spending some time in my closet and putting together an outfit is a great diversion from fretting about the other stuff, at least for a few minutes.

Now that I've talked up the outfit (and it still reads a bit weekend-y) I feel the need to point out that I never wear heels, statement jewelry or lipstick during weekend afternoons:

Whoops - one up, one down!

Is this why we blog our outfits?  It is a hobby and something that we work on and for me - something that can relieve a bit of stress.  You have to get dressed every day, right?  Might as well make those few minutes of decision making into something purposeful - be it part of a wake-up routine, part confidence boost or part self-expression.

Deep, I know.


  1. You look so cute Molly! Love that blouse on you. Also I wanted to let you know that I really like your blog so I awarded you the Liebster Award. Congrats and all the details are on my blog so check it out :)


  2. Love the green and purple pairing. I definitely use my blog to motivate me to "get dressed", I sometimes wonder if I'd do it without the blog. I think I would now, but maybe wouldn't a long time ago. It's fun to dress up! Even on weekends.