Friday, August 3, 2012

Patterns and Puckers

When Marionberry Style gave the heads up to her upcoming Trend of the Month link up I tried this outfit first:

It's pretty tame as far as pattern mixing goes.  This is an old Banana blouse, and I love the pattern but like most silk-like blouses (I'm not sure if it's really silk, it's shiny and slippery) the buttons don't stay shut in the middle - you get me? This happens so much that I really veer away from the classic button-ups.  I think I'm the only OOTD blogger that doesn't have a chambray shirt, although, the less fancy the shirt the less likely it is to pucker.

Oh, and yes, that's a new purse.  I bought it before the shopping ban.... so, it's not against the rules.  I have lots of "new" stuff to wear before the ban ends.

Do your shirts pucker?  Should I just buy them a size larger and tailor them?  I'm not very happy with my tailor right now, plus I don't want to pay for it.  It felt like a great idea this spring, but I'm over it.


  1. Love your new bag Molly - so cute! And I highly recommend chambray shirts :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I agree with Annie, 100% yes on chambray!

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    A lot of kisses, honey.

  4. Very cute skirt !

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  5. Lovely outfit, Molly! I really like the flowers on the skirt and how you paired it with that small print blouse. The cardigan and the belt made the whole outfit very classy. And like you, I don't own a chambray button down (yet?), but I have seen it looking so great in other bloggers that I'm thinking about adding it to my future wish/shopping list (I'm also in a shopping ban now!)


  6. I pretty much avoid button up shirts for the same reason! I very rarely find one that I can wear without layering it under a sweater.