Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Not Yet Monday

It's Sunday night and I'm trying really hard to stay right here in Sunday night.  I'm not thinking about work or the other distractions and obligations I've got lined up this week.  Right now it's just me, a glass of wine and a little bit of blogging then perhaps my book or phone call to a friend?  Either way I'm not thinking about work.  I'm not thinking about that presentation.  I'm just not gonna go there. Actually, I'm gonna quit writing about it right now.  (Do you use "gonna" when typing?  Is it a word?  Blogger doesn't underline it and call it out as misspelled.  I quite like it, especially when used with "not".  It's a little bit spoiled sounding, "I'm not gonna do it!  Nah nah nah nah boo boo!  Hrumph.")

Blogging has slipped pretty far down on the priority list lately.  At least I got a bunch of other tasks checked off the list this weekend; laundry, grocery shopping, practicing and exercising, you know, the exciting stuff (all these things have nothing to do with work!  Wait, what's work?  It's Sunday, not Monday... not yet!)  

Since I'm not shopping for new clothes, accessories like pink hats, dangly earrings, rose gold necklaces and glasses are the current highlights of my wardrobe:

Oh, and these green shoes can take me anywhere.  What doesn't match green shoes?  (please don't say pink hats.)

*raising glass* Here's to Sunday nights!


  1. you look so good! love the first shot and your glasses are perfect!

  2. I'm of the mind that green shoes go with everything. I wear my green shoes about ten times more than I wear my red ones. Love your pink hat too!

  3. Love the green shoes, and those glasses look so cute on you!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Very cute looks and I love those green shoes! I am a new follower!

  5. Looks great!

  6. Everything matches green shoes, especially when they are that cute. (Crocs? Different story).

    I have such trouble relaxing on Sunday nights knowing work starts the next morning. Isn't that the worst? Livin' for the weekends... :)


  7. oh i like your glasses! very cool.

    the name of your blog is perfect :-)

    come say hello-