Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm trying to like it

It's been a stressful summer, no lie.  The aftermath of the stress means that I haven't spent nearly enough time outside either camping or kayaking or hiking.  I'm trying really hard to take daily walks (which I was so good at doing last year), but AcK!  I need some balance.

I've had a couple of big work intense weeks and this week while traveling for work I have to do a big presentation.  I'm almost prepared.  Hopefully next week at this time I'll be ready to ease down into a manageable stress level and start feeling normal again.  Normal is not the right word - maybe I should look forward to feeling healthy and creative and relaxed and confident and organized.  Ideally, these are the things I work towards when I'm not all bogged down in silly stress.  OK - Thanks for letting me vent... I know my situation is far from special as we all have lives full of stressors.  Next week I will aim to write a big positive post celebrating these stressors and how they make our lives interesting and lively.

On to the questionable outfit of the week:

This skirt is newish... in that I've worn it only once before back in April.  I can't believe it has taken me this long to wear it again.  I'm still on the fence about liking it and will probably not donate it quite yet.  I want to try it next with booties, I think.

I hope the rest of you aren't home on a Saturday night prepping a presentation and complaining about it on your blog.

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  1. Cute blog! I love the striped skirt with the oxfords.