Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Swoon for Jeans

I love the summer and the heat and the lack of snow... but I missed wearing jeans!

The last 2 times I wore this jacket I strongly felt the need to belt it, because I was wearing it with skirts, and because I'm pretty hooked on belting my waist no matter what.

Today, I never even considered belting the jacket.  It's because of the jeans.  I *swoon* for jeans.

I'm feeling the mid-week blahs... and I've got nothing else to share.  I hope you had a lovely hump day!


  1. If you'd wanted, you COULD have belted it, though! I wish I could wear pants, but Oregon is having its 6-day summer at the moment, so I will have to wait.

  2. cute flats!