Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun in the trees!

I know that I was complaining a couple of posts ago that I've been too busy to really get outside this summer.  But!  I lied a little because last Friday Adam and I got to spend some awesome quality time with my sister Beth and her family playing outside.

The nearby ski resort has a great ropes course set up for the summer time called Sky High Adventure Park.  It's a ropes course with zip lines literally set up in the trees!

They harnas you up, give you a quick lesson on how to lock in and let you loose!  Some of the "features" require not only some upper body strength but some good old fashioned courage.  My brave niece Sally took a few minutes before she jumped off of this platform to swing across to the next tree... and she made it - eventually!

"Go, Sally! Go!"

Concentrating in knee highs.

My sister was always ready for the camera - even mid zip-line!

Hi honey!  
Afterwards we cleaned up and went out to dinner.  I made sure to keep up with my knee-high sock theme from earlier:

Do you have a zip line or ropes course near you?!  If so, you should check it out!

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