Saturday, July 14, 2012

Safe Pattern Mixing

Why are summers stressful?  I deal with some TMJ issues - I clench my jaw when I sleep and then my face hurts all day.  So, when this starts happening I wear a custom mouth guard ($$) from my dentist to bed.  This morning I woke up and it wasn't in my mouth.  Yikes!  There is no way I swallowed it and I couldn't find it anywhere near my pillows.  I was so afraid that a cat had stolen it, played with it, chewed it up and stored it away in one of their hideaway stashes where all the toys go.  Two different emotional reactions: Yuck! or Gone Forever! 

Guess where I found it?!  At the foot of the bed, tucked into the mattress.  Hmmmm...

Now that you know this silly factoid about me here are some outfits from this week:

Stripes and checkered scarf

Stripes (thin strips are hard for me to photograph) and floral belt

Stripes and stars

I have been working with the pattern mixing a bit in an attempt to thwart my shopping habits and enjoy my wardrobe.  (more on that later...)  It's all pretty safe.  Maybe the next round will be a bit bolder.

What tricks do you use to freshen up your wardrobe - without shopping!?


  1. I absolutely love the last outfit. The pattern mix is my favorite of the three.

    I like to re-organize. Usually when I do this, I come across pieces I haven't worn in awhile or accidentally lay things together that I would have never paired. Sometimes I even DIY something.

    1. Yes - my closet and dresser are a mess. I need to clean em out and find some old or missing pieces!

  2. I love stripes - you're working them well! I like to try different combinations of items I wouldn't normally think to pair together. ;-) Greetings from Atlanta.
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