Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out of doors

We spent the weekend at our favorite place - the Kinzua!  We've been camping at the Allegheny State Forest together for about 5 years and it's where we got engaged.  In summers past we've made it down a couple times a month.  Sadly, July is over and we've only camped twice.  I need more outdoors in my life!
Willow Bay on the Kinzua Dam.  Always pretty.

We have 2 favorite spots on the big dam - one is a neat campsite where you get to walk away from the cars and set up camp on the water.  The other spot we love is a backwoods site which you can only get to by boat or a long 2 hour hike - and there is no one else around (except for the boaters on the water).

It rained off and on (mostly on) all Saturday.  But!  It didn't matter - we still had ponchos, great company, fresh air, lots of junk food and red wine (for me, beer for the rest of 'em).  We had great sunshine on Sunday to dry everything up - so we didn't bring home any stinky wet gear!  Packing up and out in the rain is the worst!
David and Katie on the kayaks...

Can you spot the 4 happy campers in this shot? :)  Prepping for a game of Telephone Pictionary.  My favorite.
It's only lightly raining here... when we skipped rocks.

We were lucky enough to have 2 junior campers with us:

Most fashionable.

Where has the summer gone?  I feel like I haven't had time to soak it up and do nothing.  And August is already looking really busy.  Boo!  Since I have a shopping ban in place, maybe I can find more time for some simple outdoor time instead.

Summertime is running out!  ARRRRGHG!  

I may have had some free time with the camera and it's timer mode...

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  1. I feel the same way! I have only gone camping once this summer! How does that happen?!

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