Thursday, July 19, 2012

Frock Off!

No frockin' way!  What the frock?  Get the frock outta town!
Down in Fraggle Frock?  Frock and Roll.  Frock a bye baby.  Don't frock the boat :)?!

This dress felt a bit frocky to me.  Fffffffrrrrroooooccckkkk.  What a strange word.

Since I've been blogging I've been belting or sinching my waist pretty much all the time.  Today I wore this dainty cotton LBD and I was afraid I looked pregnant all day (I'M NOT!).  Both yesterday's dress and this one have some variation of the empire waist, this one has a built-in bow-it-in-the-back belt that starts in front below the bust and yesterday's dress has empire seaming. I had that same pregnant- looking feeling yesterday, too, so I belted it and decided it looked best if it was layered with the sweater.

Good news is that the frock was frockin' comfy and in the pictures it seems to have a little more shape than I realized when I was getting dressed (or checking myself out over thinking it in the bathroom mirror at work).

Do you think "maternity section" when you see a dress like this?


  1. Cute dress! It fits you perfectly!


  2. no, don't think maternity. I think it looks lovely! :)