Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saratoga Springs!

I wasn't around on the blogging plane much last weekend because I took a road trip to Saratoga Springs, NY!  Woot!

What was extra special about this trip was that Adam and I went to hang out in 2 different far away places - but we got to share the first 4 hours of the drive!  I dropped him off at exit 29 at a McDonalds where we met our friend Brett.  They then went off to a cabin in the Adirondacks for a couple nights of studio music making.  After the "Adam drop off" I drove an hour more to my good friend Jenna's place in Saratoga Springs.
Road trip attire... also what I wore to work.

I got to hang with Jenna, her fiance Phil and her awesome dog Hayduke and help them make some decisions about the music at their upcoming wedding.  I've agreed to play some violin at the ceremony and brought the ole axe along to show them my skillz.  Eeek!! - I'm a violist, not a violinist... but I've got like 3 months to figure it all out.  I can't wait for a violin-filled summer!

She lives right on Saratoga Lake.  She keeps her kayaks on the shore.  (Mine are in the garage and have to be tethered to the car and driven to the water to work.  Totes Jel!)

View of the lake from the porch - not bad!
Nothing better than a couple of kayaks

Sailboat race.  Never mind us on our paddle-powered kayaks...
I have, like, 8 pics of this cutie-pie.  But he never looked right at me when I had a camera.  He knows I'm a cat person.

Saratoga Springs is a pretty neat place.  She has told me this over and over, but I was always so ho-hum about making the road trip.  I get so worked up over the idea of long car rides that I put off making plans to visit friends... but when I'm actually driving, it's not so bad. (I consider this a flaw that I'm working out... maybe I'll address it in a later post.)

We spent some time outside and on the water and in the woods and on the couch and at the bars.  I'm sorry I don't have any good pictures of my hosts or the actual city of Saratoga Springs.  I'm a bad blogger when it comes to taking pictures of anything but myself  :)

It was a perfect weekend. Thanks Jenna and Phil!  Your wedding will be amazing - even if the violinist gets a little drunk nervous.


  1. pretty skirt and love the shoes. :) looks like a fun trip.

  2. LOVE the maxi. Such a cute pattern and color!!


  3. oooh Saratoga Springs... very posh. I only remember it from going to SPAC for concerts ...

    1. I've been using the phrase "hoity toity" to describe the city. Last weekend at SPAC was Dave Matthews - both nights. We were on the lookout for that crowd. I've been so over him since his tour bus dropped their toilet "stuff" into the Chicago River. Remember that???

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend, and looks like a gorgeous place! Love your chevron maxi - too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. This sounds like a fabulous weekend! I have only kayaked once- with my hubby in a tandem. He told me that I am never allowed to go it solo due to my performance :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  6. Love the chevron print skirt. I saw one at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago and walked away from I'm seriously regretting it!

    Pink Chai Style