Monday, June 4, 2012

Puddle Ducks

I felt really autumnal all day wearing the browns and cowl neck sweater.  But, I was happy to wear tights and shorts and boots again, even if it is too crappy out to be really June already.

Hrumph.  How do you take pictures in the rain?

This was Friday and the weather just got colder as the days went on.  There was some sun, but nothing to blog about.  We were going to go camping, but instead we camped out on the couch watching season 2 of The Wire.  I am day and night dreaming about this show.  So hooked!

I still have a hard time wearing boots in June.  This old pair isn't even water-proof, but if I stay out of the puddles I'm in pretty good shape.  However, I forgot this rule and splashed right on through an extra deep puddle on my way to the car in the mall parking lot.  I spent the next 20 minutes dabbing out the toe area with extra napkins from the glove box while Adam drove us to the the restaurant.  It worked pretty well and I was fairly comfy through dinner.  Unlike Adam who did the same thing on our way into the restaurant in his Chuck Taylors.  Bummer.  I told him to wear rubbers next time.

How does the saying go?:  If you don't like the weather in {insert your town here}, wait 20 minutes.

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  1. I feel completely autumnal in my outfit today too. O well! And I live in New England, where that saying TOTALLY applies!

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