Monday, June 25, 2012

Nerdy Schmo

My long checkered shorts came out twice last week.  This first outfit was for something after work - maybe drinks with a friend.  They are a comfy fit (a little loose) and pretty high waisted.  The cowl-necked tank is a little long in the torso so it helped to cover up the bulkiness in the waistband.

I also want to do a little shout out to the cowl neck.  This shape almost always works on me and it's hard for me to pass up a cowl tee, sweater or dress at the store.  Holla!

Unfortunately, I tried to wear the same shorts to work a couple days later for casual Friday.  They are definitely longer than a lot of the skirts I've worn and a lot dressier than some of the jeans that others wear any day of the week... but I still got called out!  My boss asked if I was pushing the dress code a little with the shorts.  Well, I styled 'em like a nerdy schmo, so maybe I deserved it:

I probably should have stuck with the pink cowl neck tank from before.  I probably should not have tucked in the tee.  Showering might have helped... and I should have stepped into some heels to make it more work friendly.  I had lots of strikes going against me on Friday... but! ~ I got lots of compliments on the kitty tee!  

Do you wear shorts to work?  What about the long variety?  (What are the long shorts called again?)


  1. Bermuda shorts! I think it is kind of ridiculous you got called out by your boss for your outfit. Casual Friday and you aren't even wearing jeans. Definitely appropriate- especially because there is a kitty on your t shirt!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  2. No, I love the kitty tee and cardi. And think it's totally work-appropriate. But, I'm going to try to sneak some shorts into the office and therefore probably shouldn't get a vote.