Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Neon. Hi!

Wow!  I love the neon trend!  But, it does make my other "brights" a little sad.  I tried wearing my yellow cardigan this morning and it just didn't work.  What is neon's secret?

Although I have a lot of bright clothes I don't have a lot of neon.  But this necklace is my new favorite and pairing it with my all black outfit really made it "pop".  I like things that "pop"!!

Check out all the bloggers wearing neon at EVERYBODY everywear

Funny thing about this skirt:  I wore it sideways all day at work.  It's snug and slightly denim with very little stretch with some great figure flattering seaming.  I thought it was weird that the zipper was on the right side plus those figure flattering seams didn't line up the way I remembered...  It kept creeping up all day.  I didn't notice until the very end of the day that I was wearing it wrong.  Whew! I thought my butt that was the problem.

I didn't have time after work between viola lessons and meditation class to take proper pictures in my driveway.  So, instead I balanced the camera on the hood of my car in the music school parking lot.  There was a fabulous downpour during my lesson that had suddenly ceased allowing the sunshine to blare down only seconds later.  I love that - especially at the end of the day.  It gives such a neat light that gets eerier as the sun sets.

Anyway, the parking lot is a nice space and pretty private (no one asked if they could help - which is good - I hate that!).  I might throw my tripod in the car next Tuesday and use this space again.

I totally missed a chance to bring out my viola as a prop.  Maybe next week!


  1. Ha! I have used my car hood for photos as well. Though I don't own a tripod at all and am really jealous that you do!
    I love all black looks! Love this on you!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls