Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me vs Mornings

One of my goals of taking pictures of my outfits and posting them on the blog everyday is to gain some confidence and some variety and some courage in what I wear everyday.

Buuuut, some mornings are hard and I'm tired and running late and wah wah call the waahbulance.
I want to get out of the go-to outfit rut - jeans, tank and cardigan.  I usually don't post the go-tos...  so here's what I wore on a rough Monday morning to work:

Then I got home from work and had the time to change into something more fun for my nephew's birthday at Dave and Busters - "No Deal, Howie!!" - Deal or No Deal is my fav, duh!

Color and pouffy hair!  Me and my hair don't have a great relationship.  I throw all kinds of money at it and somedays it still doesn't cooperate.  Generally, if I wear a ponytail it's because I don't have the time to do anything else. But I always adore a sweetly styled pony on the other ladies and wonder if it's just a quick fix or just as time consuming as any other 'do.

It's a truth that I will never do a hair tutorial on here - my hair skills + my actual hair are not worthy! But I read them and try 'em out every now and then.  Since I see a lot of messy pony styles on Pinterest, I tried out my own version:

It took a lot of teasing and a lot of product and it really didn't keep the pouf that I envisioned.  I also felt like the "bigger head" look it gave me wasn't me, either.  But!  It was a good experiment and I'm going to keep trying to update the ponytail.

So, if you will look at my head in each outfit (hair style)...

Gah!  There's hardly any difference.  I ratted and teased my hair for so long that my arms were tired. How do you get really thin hair to pouf up?  I used hair spray and a expensive teasing brush... and lots of bobby pins and... I'm exhausted.  My flat thin hair exhausts me.  Every time.

I'm open to suggestions.  Please!?!?!


  1. no advice from me I'm afraid... I'm in the flat thin hair club too :P

    1. I remember when you bleached just the bottom inch or two of you blunt bob. That was so cool! and so fashion forward!

  2. Hi Molly. I have generally flat hair too. I have found a few things that work: tease more than you think you should since it always dies down. I only try to tease at least day old hair. I use dry shampoo to give my limp hair volume. I spray it at the roots, let it sit, then tease. I also found this method: after your hair is teased and in the pony tail, use the pick end of the comb to lift your hair even higher. So put the comb picks into your hair and lift up. If that makes sense? Anyways! Hope that all helps!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

    1. oooh! Ok! I bought my first bottle of dry shampoo yesterday! But I didn't buy a pick - I bet I can find one in the bathroom "junk" drawer, though (all kinds of crazy stuff in there). Thanks Hannah!