Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hippie Girl Tough

I have a new midi length skirt from the headshop hippie store.  I *like*their clothes, k?  Don't judge.

The forecast assumed rain, and they were wrong, like always... so I was wearing booties all day ready for them puddles.  Booties with skirts is a look I've been having a really hard time liking.  I like the look on other girls and tried to style it all winter long.  I just went with it on this morning and concluded that it's a little weird... but at least I tried:

Also, I found some new props in the driveway... who broke my pitchfork?


  1. I really like this outfit. Booties with skirts is super hard for me to pull off but I think you got it right. At least as far as I can tell.

    Sorry someone broke your pitchfork. Probably one of the angry mob...

  2. Bahaha. I love your pitchfork photo! Too funny.
    I like this outfit. Maybe try a shorter skirt next time to balance out the taller boot? Maybe you will like that better. Just a thought!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls