Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Firsts

I did something new last night.  Something that I only tried because I follow so many everyday fashion blogs... Are you dying to know???  Ha.

Did you figure it out - what's a first in my little fashion experiment?? I wore a wide belt over the belt loops.  It's just sittin' there right on top of the jeans.  I'm so adventurous.

This is a new shirt.  A cropped shirt - a new shape for me. Also new: my belly. Well, it's new to the blog, not really to me.  It's shy and rarely comes out.  It's also white and a little scarred; I didn't really need that gall bladder anyway.

So, back to the belt.  Would you wear a belt over the loops?


  1. Ha Molly! I swear, each of your posts makes me laugh with your sense of humor/sarcasm and your funny poses. I actually haven't put a belt over my pant belt looks but now I am wondering why I haven't?!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  2. i love it! your posts are so fabulous and i love your poses. cp and i are nervous when trying new poses but are trying to get better! i did a belt over belt loops the other day too and it felt crazy. :D
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  3. love the joking silly you ... looking even more lovely than usual because of it! :) :)