Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clutter Flea Market Finds, Part I

In my last post I mentioned how I spent part of my Sunday at the Clutter Flea Market.  I bought all kinds of stuff... maybe more than I intended - but I also found some great and local items and met some great people.  

First - I picked up this great wire wrap ring by Maddy of Alexandra Fashion Co. See her post (and super cute outfit) from the day here.  She is adorable, sweet and she's blogging from Buffalo (for now anyway)!  Score

I'm all about green these days!  Designed by Alexandra

Smiley Maddie!  I'm going to feature her and formally introduce her to y'all in another post!
When I got to her table I was overwhelmed by all the fabulous pieces staring back at me.  She told me to touch anything I wanted!  I love to hear that - because I'm thinking exactly that:  "can I touch it all - will that be weird?  I'm gonna try everything on and go back to the first thing that caught my eye.  or maybe the second thing...  or this pretty green piece over here that I've already touched..."

I also stopped by the Lily Pickford table and met Jan:

OMG - so much great stuff!  Do you see my lion's head??

I picked up this FABULOUS necklace - right?!!.  C'mon, I'm so excited!
Everything on her table was unique and interesting and I couldn't decide what I liked best.  She shortened this lion's head necklace just for me.  I also picked up a pair of earrings that will show up on here later...  

I can't wait to show more of the goods... I'll be trying to wear them and photograph them all week.  

Yay local Buffalo!!



  1. Ooh I love fleas and shopping local... this looks like a fabulous day! Great picks

  2. O man! This flea market looks like it was fabulous! Love your necklace. So quirky and fun. Can't wait to read more about your flea market adventure.

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. Hi Molly! Just found this amazing post. Thanks so much!
    :) Jan [aka, Lily Pickford]