Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Outfit Brought to You By My Wallet

I love my new wallet:

 I love my new wallet so much so that I dressed like it today:

The gold tank top is shaped like a giant letter "A"; it gradually widens or flares from the armholes to the bottom hem.  (There is probably a fashion term for this shape that I don't know, yet...)

I tried to tuck it in, but it was super bulky, so I belted it and came up with a peplum-ish shape to it.  I have tried belting this tank in the past, before I knew what "peplum" was and I didn't like it.  But!  Since I am now in the know - thanks to my fashion bloggy friends - I believed this shape worked and was able to rock it with out constantly tugging, evening and smoothing the flounce all day.  Knowledge is power. Ha!

While editing todays pictures I found some outfit photos from April that never made it to the blog:

It's funny that I wore the same shoes, belt and sweater a similar gray cardigan last time I wore this skirt.  But I added socks and a cowl neck to warm it up a bit.  Old habits something something...

Do you ever dress to match an accessory (or a favorite wallet)? 


  1. molly, what a beautiful wallet! elephants are my favorite animal! i'm envious!


  2. Hi Molly!
    I love that wallet/clutch! I drive myself nuts sometimes trying to create an outfit around a pair of shoes or necklace or pair of earrings I think I really want to wear that day. It really makes getting dressed difficult!


  3. okay I am obsessed with your wallet! I might dress like it too : ) haha love those colors together

    Lovely Little Rants