Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Hair!

Yep!  I'm going long and blonde this summer!  It's real human hair - just not made by my human head.


My hair is super thin and I've been wearing extensions on and off for the last couple of years to add volume.  But this is the first time I've added length!  The old pink is still hanging on a bit as it didn't all lift out.  I will go back to pink eventually but for now I'm going to try this blonde thang.

The extensions are by Hair Dreams and I had it done by my girl Kristin at Fawn and Fox Salon.  There are pros and cons, of course.  The money spent is a big con as is the time it takes to blow dry this stuff! My hairdryer over heated yesterday.  This is a new a problem for me.

Pros:  I've got long blonde hair that I love.  Love.  Also - check out the new and improved ponytail:

See the sad little ponytail on the left :(
I'm very excited to wear the floppy summer hats with my new locks! Bring on the blonde jokes!

Summer!  Whee!


  1. It looks great! Love the length!

  2. LOL on "It's real human hair - just not made by my human head." They look great on you:)

  3. I like the blonde! Extensions have always sounded like so much fun to me.

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  4. It looks great! The length looks good on you, and your ponytail is so full and spunky :)

    1. Ha! "Spunky" - my hair has never been spunky! You just made my day!

  5. I love the blonde! And extensions are such a great way to change color. You look great!