Friday, May 25, 2012

Red Pants Holiday

Hey ya!  I got my red pants fixed right in time for Memorial Day:

Were they broken? Yep, look at the gap:

Before the tailor: unfortunate gap that's especially fun when sitting down (whale tail anyone?)

Before the tailor:  bunchy crotch and long sweaters all for poorly fitting red pants

In the past I had to belt 'em up pretty tightly, which makes for weird crotches (oh the things I'll do for red pants).  But today I wore 'em without a belt and without a long sweater and without a whale tail!  

Skinny jean sizing has been tough for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this...  If the waist fit well, my tush and thighs don't even squeeze in.  If the legs fit nicely, my rear fits but the waist is too big.  I've had the tailor work on a bunch of my skinny jeans.  It's not always a sure fix for the low rise blues... but it usually works best on denim.  He takes material out from the waist band in 2 different places - not from the outer vertical seems.  The last tailor I used did that and the pants were pouchy because of it.  This is better:

Do you have a tailor?  Does he (or she) fix your gap up like this?


  1. Cute red pants! Having items tailored to you is such a good idea. You can really customize your wardrobe pieces to look their best for you.


  2. Love the look with the grey/cream crochet blouse and cute red denim!!


  3. Perfection! Great altering skills as well! =)
    Kristina J.

  4. ooohhh LOVE those! ... but the thought of going to the tailor to alter my clothing makes my wallet hurt. :|