Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7: Weekend Round Up

Day 7 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Weekend Round Up

It was a windows-open kind of weekend for me.  I got just a little bit of everything done!

On Friday I went from day to night with the same pants.  And, one of my favorite Friday afternoon activities is a stop in the salon!  This time I was just stopping in for a "bang trim" which turned into a real trim that turned into a future appointment for the next redesign of my head!  I can't wait to share that with you later this month!  

Before and after trim - it's subtle - but worth it every time!

Me and my trimmed hair met up with for fancy martinis with a girlfriend, which was perfect.  I wish there were more ladies like Cassie in my life!  And I wish I would have taken my camera for a fun girlfriends shot!  Next time!

Saturday morning was the worst part of the weekend.  I got Adam a new iPhone for our anniversary by putting us on a family plan with the a big rotten bell company.  After over an hour on the phone with the evil giant, I ditched the family plan and we're back to 2 different service providers (which is not equal to real competition or choice).  *Deep breath*  I hate these big corporations that are super lame on all kinds of levels.  AT&T is not as bad as Time Warner.  I hate both. Lots.  Forever.  Ok!  Sorry - I cannot dwell here or else I will compromise my health, my sleep, my complexion and the rest of my week. (i love my iPhone)

Adam and I took a couple of leisurely neighborhood walks, worked on some arts and crafts - he draws circles and "geometries" and I made a couple of bracelets.  Then we went for a late dinner.  Minus the morning phone call, we had a really good Saturday.

On Sunday I did a little shopping to cure a headache.  What? You do that too!  Thought so. 
I wore shorts with tights!  This is a look I started pinning last month and was really excited to style it for myself.  

My head was feeling a bit better and the sun was shining so I took a walk with my boy - although I had to ditch the tights because it ended up being so nice out!  No complaints!

Sunday night I performed my last orchestra concert of the season.  It went well, thank you.  It was my least favorite concert of the season, but it still feels great to participate in any kind of music making!  Next season starts off with Beethoven's 8th Symphony - I can't wait and I'm going to listen to it all summer 

These are my orchestra outfits from this year - the left outfit is from the March concert during No Pants Lent and the right is from yesterday:

Next year the performance dress code is changing from white/black to a more formal all-black.  I wonder if we'll sound any better? Ah!  The politics of community orchestras...  

That's my weekend round up, I think it was pretty successful!  Do you rate weekends by their "successfulness"?  I do, clearly.  I hope yours was successful - or relaxing - or entertaining or whatever you needed it to be!

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  1. lol. I'm sure that wearing more formal clothing makes people sound better. I mean, fairly certain.

    And I agree, your hair responded really well to the trim. I needed to get mine trimmed this weekend but I was too tired. I pushed it out three weeks. It'll probably be fine. Probably.