Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6: Day to Night

Day 6 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Create your own weekly series

Don't you worry about days 4 & 5, I'll get back to them...

I love to change clothes.  I often wear something to work and change clothes before I go do what ever is next.  I go to orchestra rehearsal on Monday nights, and almost always change after work.  Other nights I change to something sporty for a evening walk.  And my favorite nights I change into something new for a dinner date!  Friday's are special because I'm home by 2pm.  So I usually wear 3 outfits: work, afternoon and evening!  Whee!

I often aim to wear at least one item from day to night.  Sometimes (or a lot of the time) this doesn't happen, but it did on Friday!  Here are pictures from my Friday afternoon:

And this here is my Friday night outfit (with a fresh haircut yay!):

I kept the jeans and a similar color scheme.  I had a hard time NOT belting this shirt, because I belt everything these days.  But, there is a built-in elastic band in the back, that's pretty high up, and the belt looked silly from behind and made the front a little bunchy.  I wore the jacket the whole night anyway.  Oh, hi!  It's denim jacket season!  Sweet!

Also - these are my first pictures taken on the sidewalk - in front of the house.  I'm stepping out!  My neighbor asked if she could help.  I don't really know her and got a little embarrassed.  I said, "no thanks! It's an experiment."  What?  I shouldn't be embarrassed.  Right?  I mean, I'm just setting up a tripod and standing in front of it smiling for 12 seconds at a time, then running back behind it to check the picture, then doing it all again.  Normal neighborhood scene.

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