Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 15: Interview

Day 15 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Interview

Meet Kristin:

This is the foxy lady that does awesome things with hair!  I love to spend time in her chair at the Fawn and Fox Salon and this last visit was extra special because I was in "interview" mode for this post. 

This was the first interview I've conducted and it was a great experience, you should try it!  I've known Kristin for a couple of years, but it was really great to ask her questions and find out more about her by getting her talking about her craft.

What is your "title" or what do you like to be called, professionally:
Generally: "stylist", but my official title is Board Certified Colorist.

What is your favorite aspect about your job?
That people aren't usually bummed out to be here.  The reaction you get from your clients is generally good... and people usually leave feeling awesome.

Do you consider styling an art?
I definitely do - but you really have to work hard.  It's totally artsy and if you don't think that this is probably not a good career fit for you.

Do you think it's important to have your own style as a stylist?
It’s important that people don't necessarily relate to my style but dig that I have my own personal style so that they feel comfortable with me. Everyone has their own style, even if your style is to not be stylish, that’s your style...

This is why my personal style kind of drops out of the equation because at the end of the day mine isn't important at all.  It's everybody else's personal style that is important to me, I just have to know what it is, I just have to pick it up.

Where do you find your style influences or inspirations?
The people who inspire me are perfect strangers.  I don’t ever go around looking for people to change my general style.  But when I see someone walking down the street and I’ll be like “damn girl!” and I’ll do my own form of mockery. 

We get so many magazines in here and I don’t connect with any of them because they’re just styled by someone else.  The celebrities are totally styled by someone else they don’t even have to think about what they eat in the morning; they’re like robots.  I can’t actually be inspired by that.

I get super inspired by the stylists that I work with at Fawn and Fox.  We’ve all been together for so long that our styles tend to melt into one another and sometimes we can come in and look like someone else.  I can come in and look like Dana or Shianne can come in and look like Julie.  It's pretty funny.

Freelancing inspires me too, like when I work with Erin Habes.  She styles people all the time right in front of my eyes (I do the hair and the photographer shoots it).  She pulls this stuff out of garment bags and I’ll be like, “ew” but than they put it on someone and I’m like “awesome!”.  That is a different art that I wish that I had.  Those guys inspire me.

Tell me more about your freelance work outside of the salon?
We've been busy!  Shianne works with me on freelance jobs; her on make up and me on hair.
We did the cover look for the Buffalo Spree's Beauty Book that comes out once a year.  That was pretty awesome.  And we did the Tuxedo Junction ad for the prom campaign.  

All the girls at the salon were involved in a couple of runway shows:  The Buffalo State Fashion Show at the Pierce Arrow in April and the Elmwood Village Mass Appeal show in November.  That show was cool because we got to make head pieces.  Dana and I were here until 5 in the morning the night before runway building these "hat baskets" - I guess that's the best word for it.  

I like freelance, though, it gives me a chance to branch out and not feel like I’m a one trick pony.

Does the freelance work find you or do you market yourself?
In the beginning I would throw myself at photographers saying “Call me when you have a shoot and I will come over and style the hair”.  Just three or four shoots later they started calling me.  It was really awesome and I was stoked that people found me.  I was pretty amazed how it all happened, I don’t have a website... it’s all word of mouth in this industry.  Everybody knows each others names even before you know their faces.

Is that a Buffalo thing?
That's a huge Buffalo thing.  And that's the nice part about Buffalo.  If you work really hard and you’re good at something you can be a big fish in a little pond, instead of being a guppy in New York City. I have been doing this for 10 years, so some of that credibility has everything to do with time in the industry but it's also a Buffalo thing for how small it is.

What else do you do with your art?
I got super into tearing my apartment up and putting it all back together in different ways.  Even just moving a couch next to a window – something about playing with natural light in your living space that makes you a happy person.  I never realized it before.  Painting the walls!  I’ve done a lot of painting this month and that made me feel good.  But it can also be a little tricky for me because I can be so anal about color and tone that it can take me months.  I had probably 6 different swatches on my bathroom wall for for 6 months and I’d stare at them everyday.  One day I just pulled the trigger and I’m happy! It looks like the salon – I made my apartment look like the salon.  It's nice that the salon feels like home to me, more than my home feels like the salon.

What makes a good client?
A lot of my clients get embarrassed or apologetic if they bring in a picture, but that’s awesome for me.  Someone can tell me they want red hair and I give them red hair and it turns out we were not thinking the same red at all.  So pictures are nice – but I don’t prefer or not prefer as long as you’re descriptive.

Every time a word is used I get an image in my head – if I have a collage in my head it’s better than having a snapshot in my head to get what you want.

That’s not to say that I hate it when people say “what do you think?”  Just don’t get upset if you don’t like what I think.

What do you think about clients who wants their style changed up versus a client that comes in for the same thing every 6 weeks?
There are a lot of people who do the same routine.  Someone who has a color formula and it has been their color formula for 4 years come in and sit down and say “hey how ya doin” and we wouldn’t have to talk about what were doing, I already know.  But I do like to ask them every time , “Are we changing anything up this time?” because I don’t want to feel like I’m putting someone in a rut that they don’t want to be in.

But people who do want to change things up, that’s great!  Just come a little early because I would like to talk about it for a really long time.  I like to talk about it a lot.

What else would you like people to know about their stylist or their salon or getting their hair done?

Just to be honest with your stylist, if there’s something that you’re not stoked about don’t leave bummed out.  Tell your stylist.  If it keeps happening and you just don’t love your hair, there might be a break up.

Don’t just pick a place because of the location or what it looks like on the outside.  Do your homework on your stylist.  Look for reviews and ask your friends.  


I will follow up shortly with the number this girl did to my hair in the next few days!  Woot and Whee! I love my new hair and I can't wait to share it with you!

I'm a huge fan of Kristin and all the girls at the Fawn and Fox.  Please check out their Tumblr feed and Facebook page!  And - if you live in Buffalo do your head and your attitude a favor and make an appointment!  


  1. She's got such cute hair! Liked reading your interview. :)

    KW from ladiesinnavy

  2. Thanks! and I totally love her hair, too!

  3. Great interview! What a great idea. I can only imagine the things my hair guy would say...


    1. Thanks! You should do it and we could compare notes!