Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13: What to wear?????

Day 13 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Create your own weekly series

Last Sunday for the "Create your own weekly series" I did Day to Night.  I didn't have any real day-to-night closet adventures this week, so I'm trying something else: The progression of picking out an outfit!

Last month I decided to take pictures of all the outfits I tried on for a party.  I usually try on a few things before I decide what to wear for a a night out - but I usually don't take the time to take pictures of if all.  This party was an afternoon starter, so I still had some light and lots of time.  I think documenting the process really helped me find the best outfit.  

Disclaimer: I hadn't "primped" yet (no make-up, hair not done) while I was taking these pics.

It was a cold Saturday.  I didn't know if the party would be inside and outside or just inside.  It was an early shin-dig, so the dress could be pretty casual.

I started with skinny jeans, boots and an army green top.  Then I tried the wide leg jeans.  It all felt a little casual:

I ditched the sweater and tried a couple of different jackets.  Obviously the fit on both is bad bad bad (I should get rid of these):

Next I tried some color with a couple of different belts:

I was pretty happy with the pink sweater but then I remembered that I have a faux fur vest that would be perfect!  If I would have thought of this earlier - I wouldn't have this post:

Yeah. It's a bit embarrassing that I go through all this - but I know I'm not the only one who does this!  Taking the pictures of each outfit took some time, but also put a new perspective on each outfit.

I want to tell you that once I got to the party, it was definitely all inside (so cold for April) - and the oven and stove were cooking and it was toasty up in there!  I ended up taking off the sweater and wearing the fuzzy vest just over my tank top.  I was all pipes and felt a little tough (and silly for working so hard at the stupid outfit just to take it all off!)  I really wish there was a photo of me in that tank and vest!

C'mon - fess up! Who goes through a bunch of outfits when dressing for a party???

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