Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 11: DIY

Day 11 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: DIY Friday (or Saturday...)

Do you ever do this??
I'll be right back, promise!

My plan was to pour a glass of wine and work on this post after I practiced viola and showered.  Well, I finished practicing and poured that wine!  Once I realized I still wanted to shower, I put the whole glass in the fridge - promising that I wouldn't take long!

I'm now clean and ready for my friend, wine.


Every now and again I make some bracelets.  Some work nicely, others end up feeling a little elementary.

Here's a batch I made back in January during my Pinterest honeymoon (we were in love - and still really dig each other):

Last week I decided to try painting the leather for a change.  Spolier alert: I've had better ideas

I started with a measured piece of leather and taped it down, exposing the shapes I wanted to paint.  I painted an "ombre" pink progression.  The diamond shapes ended up a little crooked and off-center, I think I over taped. 

I used a fine-tipped marker to trace each diamond and clean it up after the paint dried. Lastly, I attached the snaps from a simple kit and a hammer.  (using a hammer on anything makes it better, kind of like cheese.) The bracelet fits really well, but I'm super under-impressed with my design:

Eh.  Good fit, lame design.

While the paint was drying on the first bracelet I tried some free hand painting on a lighter swatch of leather.  This time I sewed a button instead of using the snaps:

A little better, but lots of room for improvement.

Both the snap and the button work well to keep the bracelets snug.  I plan to try painting another leather bracelet, but with a better design plan. I think I need to try painting my design on paper first, to make sure I like it on my wrist.

Not all DIY posts are all "OMG!  LOOK SEE!  I made something sooooo cool!"  Sometimes the DIY projects are a little bit more like, "Ah shit. Don't do what I did."


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