Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1: Fashion Retrospective

Day 1 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Fashion Retrospective.

Oh boy! In college I wore my hair parted down the middle, some kind of tie-dye, graphic tee or thrifted polyester shirts.  Everything was bright! and too big:

Around 1996-97

This was probably taken around 2000.   Same cardigan!

A few years later I chilled out with the bright polyester clothes and wore a lot of blacks and grays.  I shopped a lot but never at the mall because I lived in the city, where malls don't really exist. I had lots of hits and misses in my wardrobe because of fit.  I've always had a lot of clothes, and tons of jeans. But, clothes never inspired me and I always felt a bit awkward with my body and my style.

Back in college, I was trying to make sure my style was not mainstream - but didn't really care if it looked "good" or "appropriate" either.  I mean, what's "appropriate" in college, right?  I did not wear make up, I did not work out and I cut my own hair - all proof that I was not vain (lies!). My clothes or looks wouldn't bother me until I saw pictures days, weeks or months later.

Remember finding rolls of film and having no idea when they were taken?  Dropping these rolls off and picking them up again at the photo store made me both excited and nervous!  I just went through a bunch of physical photo albums looking for some good outfit shots, and there's just not much there.  I guess I was usually behind the camera, not in front of it.

We didn't have Facebook or digital cameras so I didn't see myself in pictures very often. I think that's when I started to care a little more... when digital cameras and instant photos started showing up everywhere.  I just went through my oldest digital pics - 2006 - and that's when things started turning around for my style (I think since there's very little proof!) - turning towards a pretty safe place.

My body hasn't changed too much... I've dropped some weight, but I think the reason my style evolved is because age, maturity and confidence changed how I see myself, as did digital photography. But I shouldn't overlook that joining the corporate world, gaining financial stability (relatively) and discovering the internet changed how I shopped and dressed.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?  Or have you always been super stylish and conscious of your looks?

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