Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 8: Prom

Day 8 of the 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge: Participate in a blogger's online event.

My blogger friend Gracey, at Fashion For Giants, is going to an 80s prom this weekend.  To commemorate, she has asked us to go to prom with her! Or just to send in our real prom photos -or photos of us wearing our actual prom dresses!

She is not revealing the goods until May 12 but I've already scanned my pic and sent it in.  I'm am going to wait for her post to show you the pink sequins of senior year!

But!  Lucky you - I also found a picture from my junior year prom:

I think my slit ripped before I even left the house, and there would be no upper thighs allowed at my junior prom, according to my father.  My mother happily tucked 'em in with her brilliant sewing skillz.  

I remember that I originally wasn't going to go to Junior prom because I was dating a sophomore (cradle) and therefore disqualifying us from the prom.  But we broke up a week or 2 before, so I grabbed the bull-legged* bow-legged country boy who worked in the kitchen at the restaurant where I waitressed and made him dress up and take me.  We'd been flirting for a few months, so it was cool.

My mother and I shopped really fast to find this stunner of a gown.  Velvet green and off the shoulder.  First time I ever wore a strapless bra.

After dinner at Red Lobster (yep!) I went to the bathroom to find that my butt had crushed two cheek-sized imprints into the velvet and my bra had fallen down to my waist.  The boy had nothing to do with either of these fashion failures.

Oh, this is from 1994 if you are curious.  Don't judge.  The country boy was pretty cute.

(*Now that Adam has a fancy iPhone he confirmed that I was wrong and he was right about bow-legged - it's not "Bull-legged" like I thought.  I can be wrong...)


  1. Aw that photo is awesome! You looked pretty, even if your bra did end up around your tummy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. This dress is gorgeous. The velvet is amazing and from what I understand this is like a vintage version of Angelina's at the Oscar? (accept I'm sure your slit was more appropriate!) Lol.