Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Atom and the Molecule - Hiking Season!

So now that I have a blog and take my camera places I plan to document our hikes and camping trips this season.  

To start off the 2012 season I made this sign with a new take on our logo.  Adam and I call our collective selves "Atom and the Molecule", hence the atom heads on the hikers (more on our moniker in a future post).

The "Eternal Flame" trail is a popular and easy hike in the area so we planned to get there early to avoid the crowds. It can be pretty muddy and sometimes slippery as the trail heads down the river bed and it drives me crazy that I see so many people hiking it in flip flops or fancy open toed sandals.  But, then I have to remember to just be happy that so many people are choosing to be outside and moving rather than sitting on the couch watching tv, even if they don't know how to properly dress for the hike.

Here we go!

The weather was perfect.

"Sparkle" setting on the camera

The "Eternal Flame" is at the end of the trail and it's actually just a neat little natural gas leak in the shale rock framed by this here waterfall:

Apparently it's not "eternal" and you should always bring your lighter in case you have to light it when you get there.

 Happy hiking season everyone!!


  1. What a gorgeous spot to go hiking - love the pics!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. My husband and I are hikers! We love it. We have already gone on a bunch this season. We also go backpacking. Do you and your man do that as well? When we went across country in 2005 all we did was hike, explore and camp!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

    1. A cross country camping trip!? Sounds awesome! We have a couple of favorite camping spots, both back woods and site camping... We try to get out as often as possible in the summers!

  3. Beautiful hiking site, that sparkle setting makes for such lovely pictures! I'm hoping to get some hiking in this weekend :)

  4. yay for hiking! We've been really slack about going out. At one point we were going on longer and longer walks each weekend. I've been spending a lot more time doing the art so sometimes other things have to suffer a little! Hopefully we'll do a few walks though and I'll try to post on my blog again too! Sorry been so absent, but trying to catch up on your stuff today! :)

    1. Getting buried in art is a good thing! I haven't been very inspired lately. Sad to say I'm moving out of my studio space tonight - I just couldn't justify it any more. Boo!