Friday, April 27, 2012

Trends - Mint then Neon

How would I ever know what's trendy without Pinterest and Fashiony Bloggy friends?  These 2 outfits are direct results of starting this blog and diving a little deeper into every day fashion!

First, Mint! Funny story: I bought a mint sweater about 3 years ago that I was never able to style comfortably.  I was out to dinner with a friend who voiced her distaste and sadly laughed at my minty sweater.  I bought it online from Delias and the shape wasn't fabulous, but I really liked the color.  I never wore it again and am pretty sure it got donated away.

So, I was a little hesitant to jump back in but am really pleased with this piece that I wore last Friday:

The tank is a very light pink, and I liked that it was longer than the sweater.  The weather was nice enough to roll up the jeans and go sockless!  The shoes are my favorite Gucci flats, and my only anything Gucci.  "Gucci" sounds a little fancy for me, but I'm pretty sure I bought them at DSW.

The next trend I'm just jumping into is the neon thing.  Most neon inspiration pics I've pinned have just a touch of neon.  It's hard to tell in the first pic that the stripes on the t-shirt are neon yellow.  I bought both the sweater and the shirt at Marshalls last weekend, and just happened to try them on together in the dressing room, not intending to pair them up.  I was immediately sold!

It was sleeting and gross out, so I had to take some indoor pics - I forgot how tough it is to take indoor pics!

Now can you tell it's neon??

Other trends I want to try out this spring;
1) shorts + tights:

Found in, via Pinterest

Found in StyleHive, via Pinterest

2) Jumper or Jumpsuit:

via ASOS

Found in, via Pinterest

3) Hi-lo skirt or dress:

Found at Wasteland, via Pinterest

Found at StreetPeeper, via Pinterest

What trends are you ready to try out?


  1. First of all: BOO to friends who voice their distaste and laugh at you when you're trying to break out of a comfort zone barrier!!

    Second: I'm SOO impressed that you are doing this fashion blog and posting pics of yourself as you try out new looks! Very brave no matter who you are I think ... and you look fantastic!

    Third: I'd love a closer pic of those Gucci flats. They look super cute.

    Finally: Loving the neon yellow stripes. I used to find some amazing things at Marshalls ... when I was prepared to face the rummaging!

    1. What a well outlined comment, Mary! And thanks for all the kind words. The original mint sweater was kinda baaaad, and I've told the girlfriend some pretty truth-y things before. The two of us can get away with it with each other, you know?

  2. P.S. Go mint! I wore a vaguely minty shirt today myself! :)