Friday, April 20, 2012


I missed the deadline for Jessica Quirk's latest What We Wore showcase - Stripes!

I dressed in stripes specifically for the challenge this week - and am really bummed I didn't get to submit.  I ended up really liking both outfits, so there's a little "win" in there somewhere!

Notice the change of shoes?  I have some ongoing foot issues - stress fracture to the sesamoid is the latest diagnosis.  But heels have always made for a tough night out, even before the fracture.  I almost always have a back-up pair near by, either in the car, in my purse or at my desk.

The pictures above were taken on the same day, I wore the flats for most of the day and shuffled between belting the sweater and leaving it open.  I liked that the stripes in the sweater almost matched the size and spacing of the stripes in the t-shirt.  The tee is brand new and the sweater is at least 5 years old - yay for happy stripe-matching accidents!

I did wear the heels all day for this striped outfit.  I love the bold stripes on this thin sweater and I wanted to make sure you saw a bit of the zebra print belt - pattern mixing 101.  The jeans were just a little tight, but the dark wash and boot cut makes it less trashy-tight.  Or at least that's what I told myself as I left the house that morning!

Do you prefer thin stripes or the bold ones?

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  1. my mom would love this. She's convinced (and not completely without reason) that I like ANYTHING clothing-wise that has stripes on. Now, I have been known to wear a fair amount stripey in the past (do you remember?) ... but she realised pretty quickly that ANYTHING you can buy with stripes isn't the RIGHT thing to buy for ANY person. You, however, look lovely as usual. :)