Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sporty skirt?

I have this very old, faded black cargo skirt that I love to wear when I'm feeling sporty  - or outdoorsy. I do wear it camping and for neighborhood walks because it has good pocket space.

Again today I donned it this morning with a fluffy pink sweatshirt for a rainy morning walk.  I wanted to wear my favorite white sweatshirt, but the hot pink hair is still too fresh to wear white.  I figured that this outfit qualifies me for the "Sporty" look required to participate in the IFB Project #43.

Sporty but not very fashionable.

I wore this skirt on a March weekend during No Pants Lent, and I think it's pretty sporty here, too:

I hope I have this skirt forever.

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  1. I have a khaki skirt that I wear constantly in the summer. So comfortable!