Monday, April 2, 2012

Singin' about Gingham!

What rhymes with gingham?  Not singin' - but I tried!

I went crazy pinning anything gingham last week and in response pulled out this dinosaur from my wardrobe:

Heck YEAH! Gingham shirt!

Can gingham be two-toned?  Is this really a gingham shirt?  I thrifted it years ago, like 10 years or something.  The shirt is a little small so I was tugging at the sleeves and the, um, middle buttons all day.

The last time I wore it was almost a year ago while I was getting prettied up for my wedding! (Because every bride knows to wear a button up shirt so you don't ruin your hair and make-up when you change into your dress.) I remember thinking I should have splurged on some fancy robes for me and the girls and that this shirt just wasn't fancy enough for all the make up and fancy hairsprayed hair:

Professional hair, make-up and photography is responsible for this pic

How happy am I to have brought this shirt back from the "maybe" pile when purging - I bet it's been there 3 times in the last 10 years! I just couldn't get rid of it because there is nothing else like it in my wardrobe.  I must have had some good fashion sense that the gingham was going to surge again in popularity.  Or - I'm really stingy when it comes to purging my wardrobe...

Any gingham dinosaurs in your closet?

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