Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#photoadayApril - Day 8, 9

Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge

Day 8: Inside Your Wallet
Day 9: Younger You

I'm posting these together because I cheated on both.  Inside your wallet???  That just sounds bad.  I'll have to go look at what others posted for that, because I am a non-believer that that could be anything fancy or clever.  I hope to be proven wrong.  Anyway - I'm posting another picture from our Masonic Lodge tour.

And - younger you?  How about a 2008 pic, pre Lasik with short red hair.  I guess this topic is for you if you have a kid or you take a picture of a younger picture of you, but otherwise - eh - I'm not working too hard on this one either.  (ha!  I wore that jacket today!)

I'm only 9 days into this challenge and I'm giving it lots of 'ehs'.  Maybe photography isn't my bag.

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