Saturday, April 7, 2012

No Pants Lent - Count Down!

I'm counting down to wearing jeans on Sunday!  Maybe the red pair!  Maybe my 7's flare?  Maybe even a pair of camel cords.  Or what about my favorite H&M skinnies?!  So many options!  Woot!

I had a 4 day work week and wore a different dress every day.  I've already posted Monday's and Tuesday's outfits.  I'm a few days off from wearing to posting so here's an Easter Bonus:  Wednesday's and Thursday's dresses!

I take pictures after the 30 minute car ride - so wrinkly butt.  I'm trying to show you the back of my socks.  Peacocky.  This blazer rarely makes it out of the house as the 3/4 length cuffs are super tight on my elbows.  The rest of the blazer fits pretty well, so I dealt with it.  The dress is fuller than almost anything else I have, it makes me feel big-bottomed.  I think the orange belt helped, as did the sunglasses.

This dress is tough for me: the shape and the fit are FANtastic.  But, I'm just not a fan of red/black together - it usually (not always) feels a little gothic or ceremonial or just a little outdated to me - hard to say for sure.  So I added a bunch of pink and bunch of other stuff for distraction. It was pretty risky for me, but I liked it.  The belt needs some extra holes, it's not tight enough.

Hey Minty - where am I?!  The mint walls are found in my studio space.  I share the space with a dear great friend and she makes hats! And owns a dress form! I play viola and paint there. (and drink wine.) The studio is still coming together, but I did take some "before" pics and once we get it feeling a little more "homey" I'll snap some "after" shots and share them with you!  What else can I put in "quotes"? (click the "link". "please")

I hope you have a nice Easter weekend!

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