Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Always Sunny

Adam and I road-tripped to Philadelphia for Easter. It was a very easy and relaxing weekend. My sister and her family don't live in the city proper, but we made a touristy trip downtown on Saturday. We toured the Masonic Lodge (see more below), ate Philly cheese steaks at the Reading Terminal Market and walked around by all the museums.  We didn't tour the insides of any of the museums, but the outsides feature such statues as Rodin's the Thinker and Stallone's Rocky (I don't know who the artist is).  It's a truth that there was a LINE to take a photo with the Italian Stallion yet very few people even near the Thinker.  It's also a truth that I've never seen a Rocky movie.

I hope to get back to these museums next time I visit:

Top: Rodin, opening soon
Bottom: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Rocky stairs, anyone??)

Adam and I took a ton of pictures during the Masonic Lodge tour. What do you know about the Masons? Our tour guide would walk us to and from each chamber. When we all got in, he pressed play on the stereo so we could listen to a pre-recorded explanation of each room's design. We were allowed to ask some questions, but he was very brief and reminded us of his oath to secrecy about many of the things the Mason's secretly do. Take that how you will.

What I've posted here is purely visual, as I'm not trying to teach anything about the Masons or about the Lodge.  I linked their webpage above if you want to know more fact-like stuff. I posted some pics from the Masonic lodge for #photoadayApril challenge, but here are some more:

Neat design above a doorway.

There were seven chambers, each more grand than the last.
Designs found on the ceiling and windows.

Each Chamber had these Master Mason chairs.  My verbiage is probably wrong.

My opinions about the Masons are pretty neutral, although holding on to an ancient tradition of "no woman allowed" seems barbaric and against their whole "intellectual" ideals. But, like I said, I feel pretty neutral about it all. I liked the art and the colors and the geometry and I tend to think that knowing all the secrets behind every symbol might actually make it less intriguing. The ideas of legacy and tradition are not very high on my list of current big-picture principals. Maybe I'll write a post about my personal big-picture principals sometime - sounds interesting, I'm sure.

If you have some spare time next time you are in Philadelphia, I highly recommend a tour of the Masonic Lodge!

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  1. Reading Terminal is a great place. I would come to Philly just for the food. Sarah's sister lives near the Italian market just south a downtown. It is such a great place to visit.