Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Heart My Neighborhood

Yeah, so I'm not going to finish the #PhotoadayApril challenge.  I was pretty burnt out by the second week, but thought I would see it all the way through, just to finish the challenge.  I'm usually pretty good with sticking things out.  Nope.  It just wasn't that interesting for me.

And I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  I learned that I'm not that interested in taking pictures. I'm a little too lazy and was having a hard time finding things within a few feet of my front door that I could photograph in a couple of minutes that fit the challenge.  Plus, I didn't find my pictures interesting enough or improving enough (at all!) to take up so many posts on my blog.

I do, however, have a favorite picture from the 19 days that I participated, Day 14, "How You Feel Today":

This is part of my neighborhood.  It tells a story for me because this part of the sidewalk is about a block from my house and I cross it often. The picture shows the entire length of the cobbled walk, the rest of the sidewalk is more "normal" - cracky and cement-y and city-like.  The house that stands behind it is obviously connected to the story, as this sidewalk turns up to the front door of the house.

As I walk by, I come up with my own story of how and when this sidewalk was built (laid?). I wonder if all sidewalks were like this and this part just didn't get poured over with cement?  Maybe this was the only patch of sidewalk in the neighborhood, so they kept it that way.  Maybe the cement was poured over it and someone restored it?

I think of how grand it must have looked when it was made.  Or how fun (and noisy!) it would have been to ride a bicycle built for two over it, or a kids 3-wheeler.  How many knees have been skinned on this walk? How many couples have walked over it holding hands?  How long will the neighborhood keep it this way?  Does it ever get weeded?  Would it lose it's charm if it lost its weeds?

The neighborhood is old; lots of houses have plaques that say the year they were built - most between 1880- 1930.  It's still a little urban, but not very "inner city". I like the lawns and the landscaping and the parking is usually pretty easy. I can walk to a 7-11, a coffee shop and the best park in the city. But the shopping, restaurants and bars are more of a hike.

Besides Delaware Park and the Buffalo Zoo (I once witnessed morning traffic snarled up because of a runaway peacock), the neighborhood pride is a Frank Lloyd Wright house, the Darwin Martin House Complex. It's been fully restored over the last few years. I should have been taking weekly photos to show the progress...  I took these pictures on a rainy day walk while trying to capture something or other for the photo challenge this month:

Pretty cool, right?  I toured it a few years ago before the renovations were complete.  One weekend this summer I want to host a brunch for some friends and take the walk to the Martin Complex for an "In-Depth Tour".  Sounds lovely and very adult, yes?  An afternoon of mimosas and architecture!

Even though I wish my part of town was a little more bustling, I still heart my neighborhood!!

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  1. Cool that you've decided not to do the challenge (and particularly not beat yourself up) if you weren't inspired. That doesn't necessarily spell lazy at all! You're discerning and there are so many things to do that WILL inspire you! :)