Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Bloggin' Challenge

More Charming in Person is just a youngin' and I'm still trying to find out what it wants to be when it grows up.

I like the outfit posts, especially since I follow so many outfit-of-the-day bloggers.  I've learned a bunch of stuff about my wardrobe and have found a great network of everyday fashion bloggers out here. Although, it's a little light sometimes.  I'm looking to develop a more conversational voice as a way to work on my writing style. I'd love to work out and share some of my random reflections and speculations on - life?- that don't necessarily have to do with my clothes.

So when I saw this 31 (blogging) days of May Challenge on Blue Collar Catwalk - I knew right away that this was a great way to learn and explore some new ways to blog.

Calendar design by Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk

I'm excited for a plan, too!  Although I may whine and moan about being too busy, I work better and get more done when my time is a bit structured.  Hopefully this structure for the month makes writing posts a little easier and more organized.

I'm also a sharer, an open book.  I'll tell you more than you want to know.  I've been wanting to be a little more open on here, too, but was looking for the right way to do it.  I'm excited for all the personal story and fun fact days.  Watch out for some kitty cat overload!

Is anyone else doing this challenge?  Let me know, I'd love to follow along!

366 Days

Last year on April 30th we did this:

It's been a wonderful year with my amazing husband and I wouldn't change a thing!  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poor Little Buffalo

I found this chart on Pinterest:

via The Business Insider

Before I even clicked on it, I just knew... I just knew.

Take a second to look at the "Methodology".  Right?  I don't think Buffalo has any "top end designer merchants". What does that mean?  We have at least 3 Targets and as many Kohl's.  I mean, isn't that right, Buffalo!?  Hello?  Buffalo? Is that you in your pajama bottoms in Target, again, Buffalo?  Oh wait, those are Zubaz, never mind, looking good!

I wonder if this means I'll never find a Buffalo Fashion Bloggers Meet Up? :(

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trends - Mint then Neon

How would I ever know what's trendy without Pinterest and Fashiony Bloggy friends?  These 2 outfits are direct results of starting this blog and diving a little deeper into every day fashion!

First, Mint! Funny story: I bought a mint sweater about 3 years ago that I was never able to style comfortably.  I was out to dinner with a friend who voiced her distaste and sadly laughed at my minty sweater.  I bought it online from Delias and the shape wasn't fabulous, but I really liked the color.  I never wore it again and am pretty sure it got donated away.

So, I was a little hesitant to jump back in but am really pleased with this piece that I wore last Friday:

The tank is a very light pink, and I liked that it was longer than the sweater.  The weather was nice enough to roll up the jeans and go sockless!  The shoes are my favorite Gucci flats, and my only anything Gucci.  "Gucci" sounds a little fancy for me, but I'm pretty sure I bought them at DSW.

The next trend I'm just jumping into is the neon thing.  Most neon inspiration pics I've pinned have just a touch of neon.  It's hard to tell in the first pic that the stripes on the t-shirt are neon yellow.  I bought both the sweater and the shirt at Marshalls last weekend, and just happened to try them on together in the dressing room, not intending to pair them up.  I was immediately sold!

It was sleeting and gross out, so I had to take some indoor pics - I forgot how tough it is to take indoor pics!

Now can you tell it's neon??

Other trends I want to try out this spring;
1) shorts + tights:

Found in, via Pinterest

Found in StyleHive, via Pinterest

2) Jumper or Jumpsuit:

via ASOS

Found in, via Pinterest

3) Hi-lo skirt or dress:

Found at Wasteland, via Pinterest

Found at StreetPeeper, via Pinterest

What trends are you ready to try out?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Heart My Neighborhood

Yeah, so I'm not going to finish the #PhotoadayApril challenge.  I was pretty burnt out by the second week, but thought I would see it all the way through, just to finish the challenge.  I'm usually pretty good with sticking things out.  Nope.  It just wasn't that interesting for me.

And I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  I learned that I'm not that interested in taking pictures. I'm a little too lazy and was having a hard time finding things within a few feet of my front door that I could photograph in a couple of minutes that fit the challenge.  Plus, I didn't find my pictures interesting enough or improving enough (at all!) to take up so many posts on my blog.

I do, however, have a favorite picture from the 19 days that I participated, Day 14, "How You Feel Today":

This is part of my neighborhood.  It tells a story for me because this part of the sidewalk is about a block from my house and I cross it often. The picture shows the entire length of the cobbled walk, the rest of the sidewalk is more "normal" - cracky and cement-y and city-like.  The house that stands behind it is obviously connected to the story, as this sidewalk turns up to the front door of the house.

As I walk by, I come up with my own story of how and when this sidewalk was built (laid?). I wonder if all sidewalks were like this and this part just didn't get poured over with cement?  Maybe this was the only patch of sidewalk in the neighborhood, so they kept it that way.  Maybe the cement was poured over it and someone restored it?

I think of how grand it must have looked when it was made.  Or how fun (and noisy!) it would have been to ride a bicycle built for two over it, or a kids 3-wheeler.  How many knees have been skinned on this walk? How many couples have walked over it holding hands?  How long will the neighborhood keep it this way?  Does it ever get weeded?  Would it lose it's charm if it lost its weeds?

The neighborhood is old; lots of houses have plaques that say the year they were built - most between 1880- 1930.  It's still a little urban, but not very "inner city". I like the lawns and the landscaping and the parking is usually pretty easy. I can walk to a 7-11, a coffee shop and the best park in the city. But the shopping, restaurants and bars are more of a hike.

Besides Delaware Park and the Buffalo Zoo (I once witnessed morning traffic snarled up because of a runaway peacock), the neighborhood pride is a Frank Lloyd Wright house, the Darwin Martin House Complex. It's been fully restored over the last few years. I should have been taking weekly photos to show the progress...  I took these pictures on a rainy day walk while trying to capture something or other for the photo challenge this month:

Pretty cool, right?  I toured it a few years ago before the renovations were complete.  One weekend this summer I want to host a brunch for some friends and take the walk to the Martin Complex for an "In-Depth Tour".  Sounds lovely and very adult, yes?  An afternoon of mimosas and architecture!

Even though I wish my part of town was a little more bustling, I still heart my neighborhood!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Art to Closet

My talented (and long lost) friend Mary at the Blackbird Experience painted this:
Hangover I

And I wore this:

I love green and pink and I was inspired by the strong colors in her painting.  It reminded me of a Winnie the Pooh coloring book I had as a kid.  My big brother was in art school and sat down with me and colored in one of the pages.  He made this hole in the ground pink and with green shadows and I LOVED it.  I couldn't stop looking at it. I had never thought of using the wrong colors in a coloring book before that.  It was like real art.  It was a new concept for me.

I was literally thinking about this when I got dressed yesterday.  Maybe I should take time to browse my favorite art sites every morning before I get dressed!

Oh, and the weather tellers - wrong again!  I was ready to pull out  these boots when they predicted Snopril to dump 5-8" on us today.  The rain is pretty cold and miserable, but at least I don't have to shovel!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clothes on Display

I'm super excited about my new furniture:

via Home Depot - framed Trellis ~ $18

I bought 2 of these bad boys from the garden area at Home Depot.  I had to lower lots of seat backs in the ole Mazda to get them home, but they made it:

Getting dressed is often a long process, yes?  Especially if I'm dressing for something more special than an average day at work.  If it's a night out or a special party, I will plan to spend 25-35 minutes (or more *blush*) choosing an outfit.  I try on lots of things and often end up with a giant "maybe" pile of clothes hanging on a single hook on the inside door of my closet.  I've been wanting to expand my extra bedroom to be more of a dressing room and thought that I could use something to display clothes that I'm thinking about wearing, or have already tried on...

So, I turned these trellises into this:

These are currently in the master bedroom, as I'm waiting to rearrange some stuff in the extra bedroom. I haven't anchored them in at all - and luckily the cats haven't noticed this potential playground/ scratching post yet!

I like the idea of displaying my potential outfits and seeing how different pieces might work together. Since I've started blogging, I've been using my camera to take a different "look" at my outfits.  I think this could be another way to learn about my clothes.  I might try hanging out some pieces that I haven't worn in a really long time - put them "on deck" and figure out the best way to wear them that week.

What do you think?  Should your clothes be banished to the closet, or is there some advantage to having them out and ready to wear?  I'll keep you posted on how this goes!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rear View Mirror

I kind of consider this another stripes outfit - 3 days last week for the Stripes challenge I missed.  The stripe pattern here leans a little more neutral because of the color and style.  

I prefer dark wash jeans and have for a long time.  But, the light washes are never really out of style and have their own place in the style spectrum.  I consider them less dressy and less mature - in a good way.  Dressy and mature can often get very predictable and dry.  Anyway, these skinnies fit glove-like until the end of the day where the rump area can get a little saggy.  So - long sweater!

The second shot is to show off my yellow earrings and pink bun.  But I also wanted to take a second to mention that the look of long sweaters - from behind - is pretty shapeless.  I've tried belting this sweater, but it's too bulky.  So I tucked in my tee and wore an interesting belt for some shape from the front view - but I've totally neglected the view from behind.  

So, my fashion friends - is this a problem? If so, is there a remedy?  Do you think about your rear view when getting dressed?

Friday, April 20, 2012


I missed the deadline for Jessica Quirk's latest What We Wore showcase - Stripes!

I dressed in stripes specifically for the challenge this week - and am really bummed I didn't get to submit.  I ended up really liking both outfits, so there's a little "win" in there somewhere!

Notice the change of shoes?  I have some ongoing foot issues - stress fracture to the sesamoid is the latest diagnosis.  But heels have always made for a tough night out, even before the fracture.  I almost always have a back-up pair near by, either in the car, in my purse or at my desk.

The pictures above were taken on the same day, I wore the flats for most of the day and shuffled between belting the sweater and leaving it open.  I liked that the stripes in the sweater almost matched the size and spacing of the stripes in the t-shirt.  The tee is brand new and the sweater is at least 5 years old - yay for happy stripe-matching accidents!

I did wear the heels all day for this striped outfit.  I love the bold stripes on this thin sweater and I wanted to make sure you saw a bit of the zebra print belt - pattern mixing 101.  The jeans were just a little tight, but the dark wash and boot cut makes it less trashy-tight.  Or at least that's what I told myself as I left the house that morning!

Do you prefer thin stripes or the bold ones?

#photoadayApril - Day 19

Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge

Day 19: Orange

Construction anything has tons of orange.  These tires were on a cute little yellow dirt pusher type machine.

I'm kind of over the challenge, ya know?  I prefer posting outfits and other randomness to this space. But, it has forced me to look at my (very new) blog a little differently.  Lots of thoughts and insights are building up and I want to start sharing.  Maybe May will be a sharing month.  I like when the girls in the blogs I follow share some stuff, so I think maybe I'll try, although it's a little intimidating. What do you want to know?

#photoadayApril - Days 17 &18

Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge

Day 17: Something You Don't Like
Day 18: Hair

Something You Don't Like

This cigarette bucket sits right outside the door to my building.  The bucket never gets emptied, often gets knocked over and fills up with melted snow or rain.  Also, the butts don't always make into the bucket.  Yuck!

I feel a bit indulgent with all the hair pics I've been posting lately, but this may be the first for April's photo challenge.  The hot pink is already fading.  *pout*

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#photoadayApril - Days 15 and 16

Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge

Day 15: Sunset
Day 16: Flower

On Sunday (day 15) there were too many clouds for a proper sunset.  On Monday, the sun was a-blazin', but I had to head to orchestra rehearsal before sun down.  I snapped this from the parking lot just before 7pm:

Day 16 is "flower".  Dandelions were my favorite "flower" when I was a kid.  I still think they are pretty and I like how they can grow anywhere.  That's a quality I like.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sporty skirt?

I have this very old, faded black cargo skirt that I love to wear when I'm feeling sporty  - or outdoorsy. I do wear it camping and for neighborhood walks because it has good pocket space.

Again today I donned it this morning with a fluffy pink sweatshirt for a rainy morning walk.  I wanted to wear my favorite white sweatshirt, but the hot pink hair is still too fresh to wear white.  I figured that this outfit qualifies me for the "Sporty" look required to participate in the IFB Project #43.

Sporty but not very fashionable.

I wore this skirt on a March weekend during No Pants Lent, and I think it's pretty sporty here, too:

I hope I have this skirt forever.

#photoadayApril - Days 13 and 14

Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge

Day 13: Something You Found
Day 14: How You Feel Today

I'm playing some catch-up again.  Here are the pics for Friday and Saturday (both taken on Sunday during my morning walk)

The neighborhood gardens are sprouting up and looking very springy and lovely.  This guy, I think he's Pan, has probably been in the garden for years, but I saw him for the first time today.

#photoadayApril - Something You Found

And below is a picture of how I felt yesterday.  This part of the sidewalk still functions as a sidewalk, but it's a little clumsy and need of some repair.  I was functioning yesterday, but I was in need of repair, too!

#photoadayApril - How You Feel Today

Web Gems

I love muppets and LCD Soundsystem.  So this!  So Happy Hap!

Another gem is this artist who is featured on Sci-Fi-O-Rama - Kelian Eng:

Find more of his art and an interview here, pretty sweet - yes?

This here is one of my favorite time killers - Geography Quiz!  You can play with maps from all over the world:

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!  Don't waste too much time on the internet today!