Monday, March 19, 2012

Squee! Shopping! in San Francisco!

On the second day of the convention, I chose to take a long lunch break at the SF MOMA.  Museum,  Modern Art and San Francisco - what a dream combo!  I was thoroughly impressed and I can't wait to go back again.  The first thing you see is an amazing installation by Jim Campbell, called Exploded Views.  The installation is a cluster of stringed lights, programmed to recreate a video that has been "pixalized" to work with the lights.  It took a while of staring before the images started to come together.  This video was taken from the second floor, where the scene is much more clear, although my iphone didn't quite do it justice!  Still cool (and my first video upload!!)

There was also a great collection by Mark Bradford.  I had joined a museum tour, so I got to hear a lot of history and info about this great LA artist.  If you have a chance to check out his work, you should!  Very inspiring!

Enough about the art already! - my favorite thing about Museums is the gift shop. Always so great!  I always buy jewelry when visiting a museum.  There is always a huge range of whimsical to fancy jewelry, in all price ranges.  Plus, its usually pretty unique.

I bought these bracelets and this ring:

Neat MOMA finds!  Look! It's springy!

After the convention, I had a couple of days to bum around town with my SF bestie and long time friend Steve.  He took me to some great parks and restaurants and bars and did a great job of sharing with me his great city.

He also took me shopping!  More stuff!  yay!

First stop was Secession Art and Design.  I bought this tank and necklace:

I rarely pass up a cowl-necked tank, as they are usually pretty flattering on me (although, I admit it's looking a little tight in this pic - it must have been the pose!). Green is a color I've been trying to acquire and the little geometric shapes are fun. Plus it's locally made and sold.  I like that.

There were a number of very cool necklaces in this line. I went back and forth forever about which was my favorite.

We also stopped in at the Stone Pony.  I was lucky enough to meet the owner on my first night in town.  Coco is one fabulous chickadee and I couldn't wait to visit her store!

I touched everything (don't you do that when shopping?) and tried on all kinds of lovely things, but eventually bought this fantastic belt:

Next we stopped at Room 4 where I picked up some vintage patches for Adam and his sewing projects - and this green and gold wrap around ring for me:

Giant, wintery hands.  Pay no mind to my nails...

Last stop was the Buffalo Exchange.  It's funny that the word "Buffalo" has been a little trendy lately.  I live in Buffalo and I don't really get it.

Anyway, here is the bag I bought at the Buffalo Exchange.  $14 - That's about 2 bucks per pocket!  I needed one of those large fringy bags in white.  Yep, those were really lacking in my closet.

Also from the Buffalo Exchange, earrings!

The yellow pair are very light and a little on the gold side of yellow.  The pink pair have some weight to them and can jangle a bit with movement!  Both feel very new and unique to me.  Happy time!

I feel like I brought back a lot of little reminders of my trip and am excited to wear these reminders all spring long!  This why I love to shop on vacation! Do you like to shop on vacation?

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