Saturday, March 31, 2012


Yes!  A new month, a new challenge!

This challenge is brought to you by Fat Mum Slim.  This is a site I've been following since I started blogging, I think of her as a bit of a blogging "den mother", as she writes interesting posts about blogging tips and her personal blogging lessons.

So, the challenge:

by Fat Mum Slim.

Outfit posts are mostly what I've been doing on this blog, so I'm very excited, and ready, for a little variety.  I am not very good with my camera and I hope this can be the month that I learn a few things about taking pictures.

Now, I'm wondering how to approach this from a blogging point of view.  Do I post the photo entry on its day or do I take the photo on that day?  I often write 3-4 posts in a night once or twice a week and publish them as the week goes on.  Since tomorrow is Sunday, maybe I should go on a photo binge and knock off a bunch of items on the list.  I think I'll aim for posting the photo on its assigned day.  Don't hold me to that!

My only hang up with the list is that April 30th is a very special day - our first anniversary!  Big day! And the prompt is "something that makes you sad".  I hope April 30th is anything but sad!  I already know that it's a Monday and I have to work and go to orchestra rehearsal, so I won't be spending too much time with my groom.  I guess that's a little sad!  We'll have to celebrate the weekend before.

I hope you check back for the Photo a Day April Challenge!

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