Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Pants Challenge ~ Travel Edition (Week 3)

Do you love or hate to pack for a trip?  Over the last few years I've been forcing myself to try on outfits before I pack them.  This way I don't overpack (in theory) and I won't forget an important element to an outfit - like a nude bra or the right size belt (in theory).

Prepping a suitcase like this takes time, but I'm learning that it's worth it.  I hate not having just the right thing to wear for any event, activity or weather - even when I'm not traveling.  But, traveling often means long car rides or plane trips and lots of walking or waiting around.  So, comfort is key.  But, traveling can also mean you'll be in lots of pictures and seeing friends you haven't seen in ages.  For me, these incentives make me want to look my best, and leave a good impression, both digitally and organically.

So! As I packed for last week's trip, I tried on all my outfits and took pictures.  I was trying to create more outfits with less clothes, intending to re-wear most items. To my delight this was super effective for me!  I could scroll through my pics while in the hotel room to pick out an outfit, rather than rummaging through the bag trying to remember what I planned to wear.  My suitcase was lighter than usual, too (it zipped up on the first try!)

Wanna see?  I fooled around in PhotoShop to lay it all out nice for ya!

A couple of notes: It's No Pants Lent - which added another element to my packing program.  This might have made it easier to pack and pick and swap up the outfits. I must fess up that I really wanted to wear jeans SO much while I was there! So badly missing of the jeans! Grrrr!

Also of note, I changed into a different outfit for Saturday night dinner, but I'm wearing my coat in all my pictures, so there is no proper evidence.  I don't even remember what it was, so it's not important.  It wasn't jeans, I'm sure of that.

Over all, this was a really fun experiment. I might actually look forward to the whole packing routine next time I get to travel.  But, I'm really just looking forward to the next time I get to travel!  Where to?

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  1. I like this idea of good organic impressions. Sounds like a great name for a health food store. "Organic Impressions!"