Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Do you match your outfit to the holiday - any holiday?  Last month I read an article over at OffBeat Home about culture jamming:
Culture jamming, coined in 1984, denotes a tactic used by many anti-consumerist social movements to disrupt or subvert mainstream cultural institutions, including corporate advertising. 

My take is that sometimes you really don't want to be that girl wearing all the pink and red on Valentine's Day, because it's just reinforcing all these gross stereo types about being romantic and lovey-dovey and buying a bunch of crap you don't want just because it's Feb 14.  Sometimes, you'd rather have a romantic dinner at home, with a home-made card and extra special love because you love the one you're with.  NOT because it's a cold day in winter where everyone else is trying to be romantic just because of the date.  I also think it sucks when people feel bad being single on Feb 14.  I don't think anyone should force a romantic "agenda" around a holiday.  

I wore this on Feb 14, 2012. The pinkest part is my hair. I love my husband everyday, no matter which saint is honored that day. 

But, that statement above is pretty jaded for some reason, right? I shouldn't judge those that get googly-eyed and romantic on a certain date - there's nothing wrong with being in love and showing it and sharing it with someone. This is where the controversy lies with me.  What a great holiday, really!  Let's all be more loving and giving and caring and happy as a matter of calendar.  But, let's also remember to be more loving and giving and caring as a matter of everyday life, too. Any day of any month, right?

So, on to another Saint's day.  St. Patty's.  According to my family history I am "half-Irish", although my parents were born and raised in Minnesota, as I was born and raised there, too.  My family does some drinkin', and potato eatin' and some Catholic prayin' and other types of Irish doin'.  But, don't lots of people from lots of European areas do those things?  And lots of places outside of Europe?  So why has March 17th become a bit of a gross drinking holiday? 

I just don't know the proper way to sum up my holiday hang ups, as I love holidays:  I've always looked forward to holidays (which is part of the love for anything - the anticipation).  I love a good social gathering, either with friends or family or complete strangers.  Celebrating is a long standing tradition for mankind, yes?  Maybe even something worth cherishing and nurturing for future generations. So, what does it mean when I wear pink on St. Patrick's day? I wish I had a better answer other than I wanted to stand out, or that I wanted to show that I can still celebrate without compromising my outfit - which is BS because I have plenty of green that I love to wear. Hmmmm.

You should wear green on St. Patty's and red on Valentine's if you want!  I probably won't.  I need to take a lot more time than this one post to figure out why - as I've already rewritten the paragraph 10 times trying to come up with a solid reason as to WHY I won't wear green on St. Patty's.  Everything I've written and edited out were just lame and judgmental and not my intent.  Therefore, I'm gonna sleep on this one.  I'll get back to you with a better explanation by July 4.  

For some reason, I wore this pink dress with a pink sweater on St. Patty's:

This was at the beginning of that beautiful string of sunny days we had last week.  I loved the orange + pink combo. Plus, nothing could go wrong on a 70+ degree March Saturday, right? I had plans that took me far away from any Irish bar, or any bar in general.  Instead I attended an amazing house party and then a high school production of Guy and Dolls. It was a very successful St. Patrick's day, indeed!


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