Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Still Not Wearing Pants ~ Weekend Wear

Weekends are the hardest time for me with this No-Pants Challenge. I've been craving jeans, almost like craving chocolate. Weird, right? I guess there's less calories in jeans...

The weather has been great and I've been taking lots of walks. in skirts. This particular Sunday had only walks and chores and 'nothing-time' scheduled and this is what I wore:

Hoodie, t-shirt, cargo skirt, leggins and VIBRAMS. I love my 5-fingers! I could go on and on about my feet and their issues... but nah - no one's really wants to hear me whine. Natural is better for lots of things - including walking and running.

Does your casual look vary from your everyday or every work day look? I like when I can be more casual, yet still feel like everything fits well + the colors go together + I'm comfy. I also strive to look at least a little cute when I'm casual - don't you? If I feel frumpy, I just don't get as much stuff done - I'm sure of it!!!!

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  1. The skirt and leggings are cute, and they look super comfortable.