Monday, March 12, 2012

Home is...

So I'm back in Buffalo.  What a trip!  I feel really lucky to have such great friends in California.  I also feel lucky that a place like San Francisco even exists, and I hope to call it home someday.

I plan to sum up my trip over a couple of different posts this week about shopping, fashion (and packing), and city life fun stuff.  

But today I'm feeling really happy to be home.  Buffalo is not my home, there were no fuzzy feelings as the plane descended into the area (but I was also flying red-eye, so the feelings were all sleepy).  Chicago is no longer my home, although, I didn't think it would ever grow out of me.  And my childhood home in Minnesota isn't home anymore, either. 

Home is where I'm with Adam.  He snuck up from behind for a hug while I was waiting for my luggage and I knew I was home.  *Warm fuzzies* I love this guy:

Adam's current "warm fuzzy"!  It's Mustache March, y'all!

I'm very happy to be home!

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