Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Far From Home

Last week's trip to San Francisco started out as a work trip, but the highlights were the fun, the friends and the much needed pick-me-up.  I love cities.  I love the bustle, the youthfulness, the art and even the grime.  But this trip to San Francisco really hit me with how revitalized I was with the everyday fashion on the streets - so unique! so personal! so fun! so what I want to be a part of! 

Since before I started blogging, I've looked to the real folk I see everyday for fashion ideas. However, in Buffalo, the everyday people on the street are often covered with functional and necessary warm layers so there are only a few months of the year that I get a real taste for what the unique fashionistas of Buffalo are wearing! I try to frequent the hair salon, the local bookstore, the co-op, the coffee shops and the restaurants to gather the local modish stimuli, considering that what I witness at the office is mostly just drab and depressing "suburban cubicle" fashion. (I think I just made up a new non-fashion term, but we don't need another phrase to describe dishwater fashion.  um, I just made that up, too).

I'm looking for all your quaint and marvelous outfits, SF!
Now that I'm home, fully inspired and stocked up on some good urban thrift finds, I hope I can feel a little more bold and brave in my style.  I'm inspired to wear more jewelry and belts and scarves and make-up!  I plan to take a few more risks and see if I can come up with some fun stuff.  When I feel like I'm presenting myself as unique and creative, I feel like I actually am more interesting and confident.  

Nothing wrong with that, right?   

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  1. I think Dishwater Fashion is an excellent term to describe the bulk of the Buffalo Year!