Friday, March 16, 2012

Dud Wrestling

I always try to put my best foot forward, who doesn’t?  This is especially true in the daily outfit blogging world, where the blogger can write and edit however she wants.  But, I think that days like this are also important to share and document. 

Look at this horrible outfit!  I felt frumpy and disproportionate and bland and overall uncomfortable all day. And this happened just after my return from San Fran where I claimed to be all brave and inspired.  I'm a little ashamed. Ugh.  

I started the day with an opaque pair of green tights.  There was a huge hole in the rump and of course it ran down the back of my leg first thing at work.  Since I had been travelling while wearing tights (no pants Lent!), I still had a spare pair in my purse.  Side note: do you travel with spare underwear in your purse?

I changed in the bathroom and threw out the green tights right there. Sad. But, I think the outfit was still subpar even if the tights had been green all day.

Then there's my dilemma with the booties. I wore an old pair that I haven't worn in a while.  From my angle (looking down at my legs and shoes while walking) I think they look clunky and out of place. But, I think they look good on other gals.

So, I could claim that I was jet-lagged and still unpacked. Truth! But, sometimes I'm gonna be uncomfortable and bland.  I just wish that when I "miss", it is because I was over-reaching into the other side of the spectrum - too loud!  too mis-matched!  too many ideas!

At least my green tights weren't running down the back of leg, with my pale thigh flesh smooshing out of it all day!  Yep, work, you're welcome.

How's that for a visual??

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