Sunday, March 18, 2012

Did You Watch Fashion Star?

I have been watching Project Runway since the beginning, when Heidi's English was still pretty spotty and often re-recorded.  She's adorable, so it's ok.  I'm currently watching the "All-Stars" season and it's not the same without Tim, Heidi and Michael.  I almost miss Nina.  Almost.  Go Austin or Mondo!!!

So, there's been all this buzz around the new "Fashion Star" show and I've been curious.  I don't subscribe to cable and I only get a little fuzzy PBS or snowy FOX with the digital bunny ears.  I had to actually seek this show out and watch in on Hulu.

via NBC

Fashion Star is a little disgusting, kinda like Super PACs and political campaigns in general.  It's just a giant billboard.  I really wanted to like it, and of course I wanted it to be like Project Runway.  It's not.  It's more of a cross between American Idol and No Deal, Howie!  With a little bit of the prime-time Millionaire drama thrown in. I'm embarrassed that I even watched it.  It is one giant commercial (what isn't?) and my love affair with H&M has lost its spark.

I was going to summarize it, but it's not worth giving these companies any more advertising than they got on that show.  Project Runway gets pretty annoying with their product placement, but at least there is still a story and some real ART to follow, in my opinion.  I had a similar revelation when I used to watch Biggest Loser - there were real people with real stories working hard, but the product placement got to be so annoying, and so wrong in the light of real health and fitness.  But, health is different than fashion, yes?

Back to Fashion Star - before every commercial they would say, "Go now and buy this dress at thisstore dot com now!!"  And then they would cut away to the traditional commercials.  Yuck and no thanks!

Deep breath.  Sorry for the rant and thanks for letting me get that out.  It's probably a good thing I don't watch more tv - because I'd probably just complain more about what's on tv.

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